Coronavirus and Climate Change

by | 20 May 2020 | Climate, Podcast

Noah Feldman, of Deep Background, discusses what COVID-19 and climate change have in common – he interviews Bill McKibben, who was one of the first people to warn us about climate change more than 30 years ago with his book “The End Of Nature“.  The podcast is produced by Pushkin Industries.


The good news is that most of us can imagine what would happen if we fell ill with the Covid-19 virus, so the immediacy of the Coronavirus crisis motivates us all to take swift action against it.  Also, importantly,  there is no “trillion dollar industry which depends on us all getting sick and dying” to obstruct us.

The bad news for the Climate Crisis is that, while its effects are being felt now, its catastrophic devastation is not going to be visible in the next 2 weeks, it’s in the future – so there is no sense of immediacy and therefore little urgency. Also there is a trillion dollar industry which depends on us not taking the climate crisis seriously … 

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