Sponsors & Partners

Sustainabus is a mobile showcase for sustainability.  The bus will travel to villages, communes and schools in the greater Geneva region, bringing information and activities on different themes of sus­tainability.  It will help people under­stand the subject, give visibility to local as­sociations, and create action for a better world.  Sustainabus will suggest ways of acting individually or together in your community.  It will encourage you to share what you accomplish on our network!  Volunteers will be on hand to answer questions.

Sustainability World amplifies and gives an online continuity to the message and call to action brought by Sustainabus.

howtopedia is a collaborative platform to collect and share practical knowledge and simple technologies, i.e. technologies that require no complex machine, that are easily explainable and usable by individuals or small communities for a sustainable and ecological future.

Sustainability World and howtopedia are putting in place collaborative arrangements to exploit synergies between the two platforms such that both can benefit from complementarity, sharing visibility and networks.

The Earth Focus Foundation is a Geneva based non-profit organisation with Sustainability World  and other projects, which lay the foundation and culminate in the Centre Objectif Terre.

EFF aims to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development among young people of all ages, and empower them to participate in and take action for sustainability – an idea of today at the heart of many issues besetting the Planet today, from cli­mate to natural resources and biodiversity, but also crises which face the human world, including social discord, food, se­curity, health, energy, education and political conflicts.  These crises will begin to be solved when the agenda and mentality of sustainability and stewardship is applied to them: we, all of us, must develop attitudes, actions and con­sciousness which meet our needs now without com­promising the capability of future generations to meet theirs..