We are getting started with this project !

 We’d like to hear from individuals who:

  • want to keep up-to-date on how SW develops;
  • would be interested to contribute content on particular sustainability-related topics;
  • have experience in preparing materials for young learners;
  • can suggest sustainability-related games and stories that could be of interest to SW users; or
  • have substantial experience in a particular topic and would be ready to moderate related discussions or join a specialist review panel.

We’d also like to hear from:

  • organizations working in relevant topic areas who might be interested in partnering with EFF in developing SW; and
  • schools or cities that want to pitch in and develop the sustainability mentality.

A question ?  Want to take part ?  Don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you have a contribution, see where it’ll go, and upload it here! 

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