Planet and ecosystem needs

The following lists topics of this theme to be treated and those already begun – if you’d like to help, get in touch!

  • Ecosystems and planetary boundaries
  • Avoidance of catastrophic climate change
  • Avoidance of pollution; cleaning-up
  • Preservation of biodiversity
  • Responsible stewardship of natural resources and the environment

Mother Earth: she’s alive… beautiful… finite… and she needs care

Ulu said, “listen to the air, to the plants, to the animals, the insects, and the trees. These are all parts of her body, as we are part of it; we come from her, the Earth, all of us. None is better than another. None is more important. It’s the web of life you have heard about, and it’s true.”
Lone Journeyman book 3: New Lands by Frank Reliance.