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for sustainability and well-being

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What’s special about Sustainability World ? 

Sustainability World (SW) provides the means for you to learn so you can make your own choices and decide on the actions you wish to take for the future. It:

  • gives you the opportunity to share – dialogue and engage – with others about sustainability issues, sharing best practices and lessons already learned;
  • will address all aspects of sustainability and well-being for everyone everywhere (including but not limited to the 17 SDGs);
  • addresses underlying issues (values, politics, etc.) and ethical dimensions;
  • proposes practical actions – choices – for individuals, communities and businesses;
  • provides games and stories for young learners, and tools for teachers.

It enables you to become an informed global citizen active in your own community!

It is ‘co-created’ – which means that you, the users are able to contribute to developing material and to continuously improving it. Please send in your ideas for content and information about actions you’ve taken or plan to take. 

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Sustainability World is an ongoing project of the Earth Focus Foundation and Partners.

The Sustainability.World site is being developed now.  We aim to have it grow with contributions by interested people of the community - register here.

We particularly need Volunteers to help with themes and topics listed on the Theme page:
(click here to download the list)

  • Participate in organizing / editing / formatting information and content we already have
  • Give feedback on the Sustainability.World site
  • Create children's pages for the themes and topics (people interested or knowledgeable in how children learn and what captures their attention)
  • Create / collect / list interesting facts, quizzes, images, videos
  • Create content (posts and core content) to be uploaded to the site (writers & researchers)
  • Develop the site's functionalities (web-developers, web-designers and UX-design).


You can see some contributions to posts here; you can upload your contributions here; or just get in touch here.