Adopt a declaration of Rights of Mother Earth

by | 23 Apr 2020 | Petition, Planet

A plan to collect 1m signatures by 2022

2020 is the 10th anniversary of a Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth (UDRME). Issued in the Bolivia meeting by the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in 2010, efforts have been since then by groups in many countries to promote the Rights of Nature.

In 2018, a  petition was launched by the Rights of Mother Earth to collect signatures asking the U.N. to adopt the UDRME as a complement to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The aim is to collect 1 million signatures to present to the U.N. at the Stockholm + 50 conference in 2022.

You can support this effort to protect the rights of nature and Mother Earth by signing the petition below; or get more information about it at Care2 and at Rights of Mother Earth.

A recent article about pandemics, deforestation and mono-culture farming below may also interest you.


Deforestation and Monoculture Farming Spread COVID-19 and Other Diseases

By Gus Fisher, read the full article in TRUTHOUT.



“…  to prevent the next pandemic from occurring we must stop deforestation” says Zambrana-Torrelio, the associated vice president for conservation and health at the EcoHealth Alliance. 

Measuring the rate of deforestation in a given area was the number one predictor of where the next pandemic will occur.

The Amazon, for example, a region in Brazil which has suffered large deforestation, is primarily being destroyed for products that people in Western countries buy but do not necessarily need. 

Read more about infectious disease outbreaks and deforestation here.